Business Tips for Stay-at-Home Parents

By Virginia Cooper

When you’re managing your household as a stay-at-home parent, you already have a full workload. Still, you may be looking for ways to earn extra income by getting a job you can do from home. Here’s how to figure out what line of work best suits you, along with tips for launching your operation.

Jobs for Makers

If you love using your hands, there are many business opportunities that will reward you creatively and financially. You can take on as many or as few projects as you can handle.

Cooking aficionados

There’s a growing market for selling home-cooked dishes to people who are too busy to prepare meals themselves. In recent years, many states have made it easier to start cooking enterprises by enacting cottage food laws that reduce red tape.

Handy Workers

If you’re handy with tools, a furniture-flipping endeavor might be a great fit. By finding interesting pieces at yard sales or secondhand stores and restoring them for fresh use, you can turn a small investment into a significant profit and have fun in the process.

Jobs for Doers

Not every work-from-home parent is the crafty type. If you consider yourself more of a doer than a maker, there are still plenty of ways to earn income at home.


Pet Boarding

If you’re a pet lover, consider offering boarding services. Many pet owners hate the idea of cooping their pets up in kennels, yet they’re reluctant to have strangers stay in their own houses to look after their beloved pets. Hosting dogs or cats at your place provides cherished pets with a comfortable and safe environment, and it doesn’t take much more work than looking after your own four-legged friends.

Online Teaching/Tutoring

Another idea is to start a tutoring or teaching business. By giving group or individual lessons in a foreign language, painting, cooking, or math, you’ll share your passions and connect with people who have the same interests, all while generating income.

Business Basics

Once you’ve chosen a type of business, it’s time to get your business off the ground. Begin by setting up space in a spare room, basement, or your garage, then solicit customers through community message boards and by asking friends to spread the word. Start off with just a few clients or projects so you don’t struggle with managing your time as both a parent and an entrepreneur.

Although you may begin small, these and other at-home business ideas are scalable, so it’s wise to build a strong foundation with a legal structure that supports future growth. Establishing a corporation makes it easier to raise capital by transferring shares to any investors you take on, and you won’t have to deal with LLC investment agreements. Seasoned investors are also more comfortable working within the predictable parameters of a corporation. Just check the state regulations in Indiana before selecting your structure.

Even when your full-time gig is caring for your house and family, you can still bring in some extra cash by starting a home-based enterprise. Many of the things you enjoy doing are expandable business opportunities, so choose the right business structure to ensure maximum flexibility when you’re ready to scale up your operations.

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