Learning Pods

During And After School Tutoring & E-Learning 



Supervision & Monitoring

Have peace of mind knowing that your little ones are doing what they are supposed to be doing when you drop them off at our studio. We will make sure students stay on task and they complete all assigments on time while assisting with school work.

After School Tutor

The Help You Need

Are your little ones having a hard time adjusting to the new teaching systems?
When you drop them off at our studio our tutors will help them with any subject questions as well as navigating the e-learning software so they can be confident in their next class.

When you register for a Learning Pod Membership you will also have access to our Davinci Membership Level with discounts and special prices for art classes and studio time at no additional price.

The Learning Pods hours are Monday – Friday 12 pm – 4pm. Please contact our studio if you would like to request special hours for your children.

Let’s Get Started

Let GALLERY 2910 navigate the changing times with you and your children!


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