October 3rd, 2022

Upcycling Pumpkins

Say goodbye to those tacky, orange pumpkins. It’s time to give them a makeover.

The old-fashioned pumpkin had a garish orange color and looked quite cheap.

We stripped away the old design by soaking it in a mixture of white vinegar and alcohol for 15 minutes, then sanding and wiping it clean. Once the pumpkin was dry, we painted it white and added segments with brown paint.

Finally, we glued on a twine rope and a black and white bow to complete the look.

Campers really loved the craft and were very happy to take pictures with their finished masterpiece!





About Craft Camp

At Craft Camp, we believe that children are creators and innovators, with unlimited potential to express their inner strengths. Our camp leaders use arts-based activities to help kids tap into and express their strength, overcome a struggle, or seek resolution.