“I received a toy for Christmas and it was the best gift ever!” How many of us have heard that phrase from a child? If your answer is “enough,” then you already know my point here. I love toys as much as anyone, but we all need to remember what childhood is really all about: time spent with family. I know you might be thinking that time with family is more important during the holidays, but what about all other times? I’m going to show you how giving experiences instead of toys can benefit everyone involved—children included!

Research shows that experiences make us happier than stuff.

Research shows that experiences make us happier than stuff. How so, you ask? Well, for one thing, experiences are more likely to make us happy in the long term—but it’s not just because they don’t have a limited shelf life. Experiences also help us grow as people and become more confident. They’re something we can share with others who matter most to us (or even ourselves), which makes them better at helping us live our best lives than material things that may feel good but won’t help improve our lives in any meaningful way beyond temporary satisfaction.


Gifts of time and attention are most important for children.

When it comes to gifts for children, there are no shortage of toys that you can choose from. But what about gift experiences? As parents ourselves, we know how difficult it is to find the perfect toy for your child. And let’s face it: most kids get more toys than they need or even want!

We believe that a gift experience is the best way to show your child that you care about them and their future. Your child will be able to learn more about themselves as well as develop confidence when they complete something challenging or fun on their own without any help from a parent or friend. Experiences also help children feel connected with their parents because these activities create memories that will last forever—they won’t ever forget the time they went hiking together in Yosemite National Park because those moments were special enough for both of you! If this sounds too expensive then don’t worry; not every place requires tons of money before going there so no matter what type of budget you have – whether small or large – there’s always an option available somewhere nearby where they’ll take care while traveling abroad safely within budget range.”


Gifting experiences causes parents to think about their kids’ interests in a deeper way.

Giving experiences is a great idea for many reasons. The first is that it helps you to think about your child’s interests in a deeper way, which can help you to better support them as they grow up. For example, let’s say that you know your child loves riding their bike around the neighborhood and collecting bugs. Giving them a membership at the local nature center would allow them to do both of these things and would also give them access to more services like hikes, camps, and science programs specific to their age group.

Another benefit of gifting experiences instead of toys is that they can be shared with others—whether it’s sharing with other family members or even friends and neighbors! When parents gift experiences instead of toys this allows more people (and kids!) access into what might otherwise be considered an exclusive club—like taking your daughter on her first horseback ride with her best friend who lives down the street from you!

Finally but not lastly, experiences make great gifts because they’re something everyone can enjoy together! Whether it’s going fishing or riding roller coasters at Six Flags Great Adventure Park – there are endless options available when choosing between different types of activities like paintballing vs hiking through new terrain each time so there’s no limit when deciding where next adventure should take place 🙂

I truly hope these lines help you see the Holiday season in a slightly different way when it comes to gifting. Thank you for reading!