How Your Child Can Benefit From Art

Projects and Camps

Ages 5-11

By contributor writer Virginia Cooper

With the warm, beautiful weather here, it’s time to engage in some fun in the sun! And what better way is there to do that than to plan art activities for home or summer camps?

There are countless art projects to try, many of which you can likely do with items you already have in the house.


If you want your child to grow in confidence, independence, and social skills, letting them attend
a camp will do the trick!

Many camps are geared towards a specialty, such as physical fitness or
a specific sport. And chances are there is an art camp in your area that your kid would love to attend!

Below, Art Gallery 2910 discusses how art can benefit your child this spring and summer.

At-Home Projects


Your child doesn’t have to leave the house to benefit from engaging in our activities. There are countless indoor and outdoor projects worth trying.

For example, you could help your child design their own T-shirt. They could use a free clothing logo design tool online and order shirts for the entire family!

Fine Motor Skills and Coordination


Kids of all ages can significantly improve their fine motor skills and coordination by engaging in art projects.

While completing projects on their own will naturally help them develop these skills, doing it with the guidance of a parent or counselor can help even more.

Relaxation and Stress Relief


Art has a way of calming down even the most energetic kids. To follow instructions and use the imagination requires a level of stillness and calmness.

Whether your child is painting rocks in the backyard or drawing with charcoal at camp, concentrating on a specific project will help
them relax and enjoy the moment.



One of the biggest perks of your child engaging in art is that it exposes them to new techniques.

When conducted in a low-pressure environment, they are able to set their imagination free and creatively express their thoughts and emotions.

Enhanced Creativity


When a child attends art camp, they are surrounded by counselors and campers, which can expose them to new ideas and outlooks. They can spend time observing nature together and discuss the details that stick out to them.

When spending time outdoors, even if at home, a child can use their observations to produce creative work and learn to inject creativity into their daily

Inspiration and Innovation


Innovation and creativity elude even some of the most intelligent adults. As your child learns to think creatively and continues to cultivate their original ideas through art projects, it can spark inspiration and help them become more innovative.

As this happens, your child will grow in self-confidence knowing that the qualities they are developing will help them for many years to come.

Spring and summer are the seasons for art projects! If you’re looking for fun and engaging activities that can benefit your children’s cognitive, emotional, and social development, sign them up for camp.

If that is not an option, or if you want to keep your kid involved in the arts on a regular basis, find some unique projects to do at home. Your child will love the activities, and their health and well-being will benefit!

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