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For paint party instructors, coming up with new painting designs is the most time-consuming and stressful part of your business. It’s no wonder you’re looking for a solution.

With the Paint Party Rockstar membership you’ll get monthly painting designs with step-by-step instructions, marketing tips, and an online community of like-minded creatives who are also working hard to grow their businesses.

Spending less time crafting lessons and more time earning a living will help you focus on what matters most: creating art


Elevate Your Painting Experience

    • Access to over 30 colorful painting designs, painting tutorials, tracebales and marketing materials by artist Julian Alcantar
    • Designed with the creative business owner in mind and suitable for anyone wanting to learn a new skill
    •  Featuring our signature Mommy & Me paintings
    • One new painting design and tutorial every month
    • Rights to the painting designs and marketing materials for personal and commercial use for as long as you stay an active member
    • Ever-growing online community of creatives like you.

    A Painting Membership That Rocks!

    Step-by-step painting tutorials for the creative business owner or the hobbyist that wants more

    Choose a Plan that Works for You

    Stop spending time every month on coming up with new ideas to paint and focus on what you love doing most-create!


    What you Get by Enrolling

    Join a community of like-minded creators who are building successful creative businesses like yours

    Painting Designs

    Access to the painting library plus new designs every month. Use the photos to promote your events so you can start booking seats right away

    Video Tutorials

    Watch the video tutorials anytime 24/7 as long as you are an active member. A new video tutorial is added every month for you to learn and paint or to teach it in your creative business. 

    Marketing Materials

    Graphic design isn’t for everyone.  Your flyer can either make your event or break it. Luckily I provide you with eye-catching marketing materials to host a successful paint party.

    Who Should Join?

    This membership was created with the creative business owner in mind and it’s also perfect for the hobbiest that wants more! No previous experience is necessary and anyone can join. 

    Online Support & Community

    Our ever-growing Facebook group serves a community platform where you can meet other like-minded creators who are also part of this membership.  You can go there for questions, tips or to share your latest creations.

    Featuring Signature Mommy & Me Designs

    The perfect mother-child bonding experience!

    Two seperate canvases become one masterpiece of love. Use the designs in your creative business or paint them at home with your little ones.

    Thank you for considering joining the Paint Party Rockstar membership. I can’t wait to show you everything that’s inside to enhance your painting skills and add new designs to your creative business.

    Julian Alcantar


    Elevate Your Painting Experience

    My name is Julian,  my husband and I opened an art studio with $0 budget in South Bend, IN. and we called it ART GALLERY 2910 . Our studio opened its doors to the public in the summer of 2016.  We teach step-by-step painting & crafting parties. We sell original artwork and host a variety of art shows.

    I am constantly creating and coming up with easy to paint, colorful painting designs is my passion. I enjoy hosting events that promote bonding and togetherness. I am grateful that I get to share my creations with you and I apreciate you considering my membership.




    How often do you release new content?

    Content is released monthly. A new design will be uploaded to the membership once a month that you can use as a training to teach it to your students. 

    How Can I Make Money With This Membership?

    As an active member you are able to make money by hosting your own paint parties and charging a fee per attendee. Using the content found inside the membership you can teach in-person and virtual events, you can sell paint kits and you can also sell the paintings you paint.

    You cannot however, use the content to sell it to other businesses.

    What age groups do you support?

    Within the membership you will find designs that are suitable for kids of all ages and grownups.

    Do yo only offer Mommy & Me designs?

    Although coming up with duo designs for mommy and me and couples is my passion, I also include landspaces, animals and trendy designs for all ages. 

    Can I cancel at any time?

    The monthly membership offers no commitment and you can cancel anytime. 

    The yearly membership can be canceled only within 24 hours after your purchase. 

    What if I get stuck on a tutorial?

    The Facebook community group is very supportive of each other and you can always ask for help there.  The group is monitored  everyday to ensure your questions are answered.  You can always email support at

    Can’t decide if my painting membership is the right fit for you?

    No worries! I’ve put together a FREE One-Time-Use Design pack so you can upload it to your social media and see the type of response you’ll get from your audience (which I know will be great *wink*)
    If you decide to schedule a class using this design, the first time is on me, no commitment.
    But if you want to use it more than once I do ask you to join my membership to gain full rights and access to more beautiful designs like this one!
    I can’t wait to see you inside my membership!
    This FREE Design Pack comes with everything you need to START BOOKING SEATS TODAY!

    Free Design Pack (One Time Use Only)


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