Paint at home

Live & Real Time Step-by-Step Instructions

Our Virtual Paint Parties are a fun and creative way to unwind and try something new in the comfort of your own home. You’ll be able to join us live to paint, unwind and unleash your creativity.

Our designs are trendy and suitable for kids and adults.

We’ll show you, step by step, how to create the featured painting. It’s totally easy, and you don’t need any experience because we sketch your canvas so you can focus on the blending/painting techniques.

Wear your pajamas, your onesies or whatever you’re comfy in. Grab a glass of wine and turn it into a wine and paint party!

How do I join a Virtual Paint Party?

Decide which Virtual Paint Party you’d like to join from our upcoming events and purchase your ticket to reserve your spot.

Once we receive your payment we’ll send you an email with an invite to join a private Zoom video call where we’ll live stream your Virtual Paint Party at the scheduled time.

Your art supplies are included with ticket price and can be picked up at our studio or we can ship them to you anywhere in the USA. 

Where will my Virtual Paint Party be held?

At your place! We’ll live stream from our studio to your phone, iPad, computer or any internet connection device. 

Our Virtual Paint Parties are live streamed over the internet so you can paint with us from anywhere. As long as you have an internet connection, and a device to watch on, you can join the painting fun from anywhere.

Do I need previous art experience? 

No.  Our Paint Parties are created especially for people who’ve never painted before or feel they lack any creative ability. If you think you’re not creative or artistic – we’re here to help you unleash your inner artist and have fun doing it. 

With our easy to follow step-by-step guidance just about any non-artist can create a painting so there’s no need to feel nervous. The aim is to have fun and relax, regardless of your painting skills.